【Juggle a Soccer Ball Net Bag for Beginners】Practice the basics of ball control

Juggle a soccer ball tends to be a difficult practice for children because it takes a long time for them to grow and it is hard to feel a sense of accomplishment.

“If you want to get better at soccer ball juggling, do it over and over again,” instructors and parents say. However, not many children are willing to practice every day.

CPTN Juggle a Soccer Ball Net Bag is a training product for soccer beginners.

With this ball net bag, you can practice your ball control while having fun everywhere.


How to use the “Juggle a Soccer Ball Net Bag for Beginners”

1. Pass your body between the two adjusters attached to the waist strap.

2. Hold the adjuster under your navel and adjust the length so that the ball is about 3 inches above the floor.

3. Fix the adjuster on the back side at the position where the waist strap does not slip.

4.Do a trial kick several times and adjust the length so that the core of the ball hits the instep.You can kick the core when the ball stops spinning.When practicing indoors, we recommend using a lightweight or soft ball to reduce the burden on your feet.



When training, use it in a place where there are no people, animals, furniture, home appliances, glass, etc. around you.

As long cords are used, please be careful with children.

When used by children, be sure to use it under the supervision of parents.

If you put it in your mouth, wrap it around your body, or hang it, it may cause a serious accident or injury.

Do not use it for anything other than its intended purpose.


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CPTN Soccer Ball Juggling Trainer Soccer Ball Kick Training Equipment Net Bag(amazon.com)

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