Paracord Ballnet Bag for Juggling a Soccer Ball(Black×Orange Red)

A ball net designed to be worn naturally as a means of kicking the ball core.

The ball net handle can be fixed in the waist position, so you can practice lifting even indoors.

Stable kicks will come out naturally by kicking continuously so that the ball does not rotate.

The powerful colored ball net knitted with 2mm paracord is black and orange red

It has a contrasting color scheme and expresses calm judgment and a burning spirit.

The handle uses a 4mm thick cord, which is durable and prevents the child from getting painful even if the child pulls it strongly.

In addition, because it is a slippery material with tension, it is designed to reduce the stress that the string gets entangled when the ball is put in and out.

You can paint the name and number on the name tag attached to the handle. Not only presents, but also souvenirs for joining the team, it is fashionable to practice with a team of colors.

Name tags are made from recycled clothes (leather, etc.) that are no longer used.

I hope that you will be able to use things with care and the attachment with only one in the world.

【Kick Master Ballnet】How to juggle a soccer ball for beginners with net bag|Juggling Soccer Trainer

Capitan Paracord Ballnet Combi for Juggling a Soccer Ball(BLACK×ORANGE RED)



For children (Handle 80cm) 1,944 jpy


For adults (110cm handle)  1,944 jpy



■ For children

Total length: 121cm Net part: 41cm Handle: 80cm

For children up to 150cm tall.


■ For adults

Total length: 151cm Net part: 41cm Handle: 110cm

For adults over 150cm tall.


No. 3 ball to No. 4 ball, the optimal size for futsal balls

* Image is No. 3 ball. Also includes No. 5 ball.



All Region Uniform 800 jpy

International e-packet takes about 10-14 days.

Tracking number will be provided.


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